Restricted Members Content

Using the WP Video Memberships restricted content shortcode, you can restrict access to almost any content within your WordPress Pages, Posts and other custom post types that provide a content editor.

The content below is restricted using the WP Video Memberships restricted content shortcode.

[wpvs-restricted-content memberships=”DayTest,WeekTest,MonthTest” no_access_text=”This content is for members only. Subscribe to one of the membership plans below to gain access!”]

This content is for members only. In mattis tortor eget aliquam sagittis. Mauris finibus eget velit non imperdiet. Vivamus sollicitudin iaculis dolor non feugiat. Cras eget dolor ut nisi consectetur bibendum eu sed magna. Sed finibus enim consectetur dui egestas molestie. Suspendisse libero nunc, sodales eget bibendum a, sollicitudin vitae lectus. Nunc fermentum auctor dolor, posuere gravida ex auctor in. Cras ac sagittis massa, ac scelerisque ex. Vestibulum consequat magna nisl, dignissim volutpat quam interdum in. Ut quis pellentesque odio. Fusce a diam at purus vehicula semper.


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